5 Secrets For Detailing Your Vehicle

Posted on: 25 August 2021

When it comes to making your vehicle stand out, you will want to take your time to detail your car. Auto detailing takes time, but it can improve the overall look and appeal of your vehicle.

Dry Glass the Right Way

Cleaning glass can be challenging. If you want to avoid streaks on your car's windows, you need to ensure that you dry the glass the right way.

When you dry the glass, you will want to dry it in one direction on the exterior and a different direction on the inside. For example, you can dry the windows horizontally on the inside, and you can dry the windows vertically on the outside. That will avoid streaks appearing on the glass.

Clean the Top of the Windows

When you clean your windows, you will want to ensure that you clean the top of your windows. You should roll the window down a few inches and clean the top glass of the window. If you don't clean the top of the glass, dirt can build up in the window jamb and result in streaks to the glass.

Avoid Air Drying

You are going to want to avoid allowing your vehicle to air dry. After washing your car, you should always dry it off so that watermarks do not appear on the surface. You will want to use chamois or microfiber towels to carefully dry the outside of your vehicle without damaging the paint on the car. This will give your vehicle a clean appearance.

Keep Your Sponge Clean

When you are washing your vehicle, you will want to work to keep your sponge clean. You will want to have a bucket just for washing your sponge in as you clean your vehicle. If dirt gets into the sponge, it can easily damage the paint on your vehicle as you clean it, which is why you are going to want to have a bucket just for cleaning the sponge or just rinse the sponge often as you clean.

Be Careful with the Trim

If you have plastic trim on your vehicle, you can't treat it the same way you treat your vehicle's painted surfaces. It cannot be treated the same way. You are going to want to use some black restoring product on the plastic. This will make the plastic shine and protect it against chemicals and grime, just like how wax and polishes will help protect the paint.

Detailing our vehicle requires you to pay attention to the details as you work on cleaning your car. You can learn how to detail your vehicle or have some professionals take care of cleaning up your vehicle for you. Contact a car detailing service, such as 444 Auto Spa, LTD, to learn more.



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